Zanshin Martial Arts Grading

This was a brilliant morning on our Zanshin Martial Arts Floor. A morning full of absolute pride, determination, tears and raw emotion. Our 2 young men Jaxon and Blake acheiving the level of Junior Black Belt, and our other students achieving new levels in their colored belts. Great work to everyone involved, and thank you to Chief Craig for all that you teach these wonderful children, giving them skills for life.

Premier Beach Bash!

What a great morning for our first Premier Beach Bash! Thank you all to our wonderful members and their mates for joining us today! We had blast! It really is just like hanging out with a bunch of your buddies for the morning, having a great laugh, and working hard at the same time! We are looking forward to bringing you all more of Maca’s Premier Big Beach Bash’s. We know not everyone likes to be tagged! So if you would like to add your tag PLEASE DO! Likewise, if you have been tagged and dont want to be, just un-tag:) Thanks for an awesome day

Fit Kids finish term 1

What a fantastic way to finish Term 1 for Fit Kids! Thank you all for working so hard all Term & I will miss you all for the next couple of months. But I will see you all back for Term 4. Have a great school holidays! And a great winter sports season!

Body Attack 92!! Has hit Premier!

Oh WOW, Body Attack 92!! Has hit Premier! Bri & Mel had an absolute ball bringing it all to you this arvo! What a fantastic job you all did! It’s a definite challenge, that’s for sure! Fitness gains are going to be huge over the next 6 or so weeks! Bring on Thursday 9.30am!

Kickboxing goes Fast and Furious

Our Fast & Furious kickboxing Class, sure was just that! Come & check out our new 30 minute kickboxing class 9.00am Wednesday mornings with Craig! Come have a ton of fun, & learn proper technique at the same time. All Premier Kickboxing classes are taught by Black Belt Instructors.

Join Bri and Casey for Grit and Combat

Make sure you join Bri for her new permanent Grit Class Wednesday mornings at 9.30am, followed by her Stretch & Flex Class 10.00am. And join Casey for her permanent Body Combat Class Wednesday nights at 6.00pm followed by her Stretch & Flex Class at 7.00pm! Absolutely loving the quality instructors in our ever growing Premier Team! Watching their growth & commitment is nothing short of amazing!