ZanShin Martial Arts

Zanshin Martial Arts Timetable

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Looking for Martial Arts in Maitland, at Premier Fitness and Martial Arts we are excited to bring you Zanshin Martial Arts. With mixed martial arts (MMA) moves and close quarter combat training, this is a great way to learn self defence techniques and gain confidence whilst progressing through out belt grading program.  Our Martial Arts studio is two floors of Martial Arts equipment and floor space including our upstairs kickboxing training floor.

We have 3 Zanshin Martial Arts programs to suit ages 4 up to adult.

Little Spartans – Ages 4-8

Junior Class – Ages 8+

Adult Class

The Zanshin membership includes the full group fitness timetable, that is 50 extra classes as well  as access to our fully equipped weights gym and kickboxing gym.  Kickboxing is included as part of your Martial Arts membership, it  is a cardio workout incorporating Zanshin moves to improve fitness and stamina.

Contact us for more information on our Martial Arts program